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WHAT we do

At its essence, Kare Partners is about delivering the best quality healthcare at the best price for everyone. This mission transcends geographic boundaries and implies fundamentally re-thinking the existing methods for delivering healthcare in light of evolving care standards, physician-patient relationships, and regulatory and legal environments. In achieving these ends, Kare Partners has invested its resources towards building an integrated platform of people, ideas and capital unlike any other in the industry.

In addition, we want to explore the possibilities for consistent worldwide education standards, especially in professional and critical professions like medicine. This will allow for movement of highly-trained professionals across boundaries, open markets for American skills internationally and delivery of much needed services in under-served parts of the world. Cost is the limiting factor in service delivery. As in the U.S., worldwide healthcare costs are rising, making quality healthcare the purview of the privileged few. Our philosophy in life and business is rooted in the belief that the needs of all stakeholders must be met in order for problems to be solved in efficient, scalable, meaningful and lasting ways.