Physical Therapy program

The Physical Therapy program is designed for experienced physical therapists who wish to have a successful career in patient care in United States. This is a unique program that selects only qualified and committed physical therapists. A Masters in Physical Therapy or equivalent is required to apply.

Your completed application will be reviewed for pre-qualification. The qualification process is rigorous and consists of an online entrance exam - assessing your clinical skills and English proficiency - followed by a series of interviews with a technical interviewer and a hiring manager from the U.S. Qualified therapists are then offered full-time employment for positions located in any U.S. state and in various settings: Outpatient, Inpatient, Home Health, Long-term care, etc. Once contracts are signed, therapists will be enrolled in the program.

Enrolled candidates are assigned an experienced mentor who has a thorough understanding of the requirements to be completed to be able to work in the U.S. The candidates will be advised to take specific courses and/or exams to obtain adequate General Education Credits and/or Professional Credits (reimbursement available). The candidates will be provided with special coaching to prepare for the NPTE and TOEFL exams. The candidates will then take the NPTE exam in the United States.

Visa assistance, airfare, accommodation and transportation are provided to all qualifying candidates. Upon obtaining a state license and visa screen, candidates will be filed for a work visa at the earliest availability (H-1B, EB-2 for qualifying applicants).

The program is designed to assist candidates in obtaining all the required credentials (licensure in various states) and to prepare for a smooth transition. Upon visa approval, candidates will be provided with an airfare to the U.S.

The care and guidance continues upon arrival in the U.S. with a 6-8 week orientation, during which candidates are assisted in obtaining necessary federal and state documents, finding accommodation and transportation, getting accustomed to U.S. practices via a customized acculturation training program.

If you aspire to an international healthcare career, your future begins here. Our goal is to help you succeed.